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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Stan Bowles...Almost 60!

Stan Bowles...Almost 60!

Happy Birthday to Stan Bowles, turning 57...
Born December 24, 1948...

The man who, arguably, superceeded Rodney Marsh as THE greatest at QPR!
Say QPR and #10 and the shirt belongs to either Marsh or Bowles....

For anyone old enough to remember the early 1970s: The despair at QPR/The End of the World: When Rodney left QPR in March 1972....And then six months later, the signing of Bowles joining (an already rampant) QPR under Gordon Jago...

Made his QPR debut versus Nottingham Forest - September 16, 1972 after QPR paid a record transfer fee of 110,000 pounds.....Made the first; scored the second

Career Statistics:

Nice recent profile/Interview with Bowles
BRIAN VINER INTERVIEWS - Stan Bowles: 'Clough, Brooking, Eriksson
Brian Viner, The Independent, October 13, 2005

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