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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Holloway Speaks (His SkySports comments as reported by TeamTalk)

Holloway Speaks - TEAMTALK
Former QPR manager Ian Holloway has spoken for the first time of his life on 'gardening leave'. Holloway was removed from his position as QPR boss last month after speculation over the possibility of him taking over at Championship rivals Leicester. His contract still has over two years to run.
He told Sky Sports: "If I'd have known this was going to happen I'd have bought a bigger garden." You get mixed emotions. I've been doing it for 10 years now and all of sudden nothing. I'm not allowed to go in, talk to players or anything. Just cheerio. But I don't want to cause any trouble with them. I'm delighted for the club and what has happened over the past five years."So it feels like a mini bereavement. Football management's like being bitten by a vampire - it's in your blood. You just want to manage."I'm waiting at home, watching the phone... And watching... And watching. 'Is that the phone ringing?' No, I've imagined it... Again."

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