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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Confidence from ex-QPR's Martin Allen

From a recent interview with ex-QPR's Martin Allen after he joined Milton Keynes Dons.

BBC - Milton Keynes Dons Football Club - Dons appoint new manager Martin Allen

The Milton Keynes Dons have confirmed Martin Allen as their new manager. BBC Three Counties Sports Simon Oxley ...spoke to Martin Allen just after the appointment was announced.
When you first spoke to Pete Winkleman what were your feelings? Did you think you'd just go and have a look?
Martin: If you want my honest opinion I was on my way up north to sign for another club! It was out of courtesy that I went and saw him and had a chat with him. I didn't really speak much. he spoke for about half an hour and at the end of it he said "I want you to be the manager. So that knocked me back a bit.
I've spoken to a lot of clubs this summer but he was the first person that looked me in the eye and pointed his finger in my face and said "I want you to be the manager and I want you to take it. I'll issue you the challenge."
Everybody wants to feel wanted. I don't like waiting by my phone umming and ahhing or being told to wait in the waiting room while I see everybody else. He was the first person that grabbed me and told me I want you to do it. I was impressed with that.
Then he said come and have a look at the stadium. When I came round the corner and saw the size of it, I really never knew that this was here.
I find it quite frightening and staggering and even today I can't quite get my head round it. That this place has been built! It's amazing to look at it and it's amazing the feeling when you are stood in the middle of it.
I've got one year in this division and I've got to try and make it a place where people want to come and watch football and to watch a team that can do these supporters proud and do something that justifies this stadium. ...
: My own opinion is that I should have been working in the Premiership but that's another thing. One day that will happen and a lot of clubs I think have missed a great opportunity. But this man has taken me on board, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and I'm going to repay him.
Did you need a lot of persuading?
Martin: No - and people don't believe me. I was about half an hour at his house. I had one cup of coffee, he spoke for 29 minutes. The we came down to the stadium. Ishook his hand while we were in the middle of this building site and said "I'll do it".
What did you make of the Dons when you came up against them last season?
Martin: They've got some good players, some good young players and that excites me as well. They had a fantastic run at the end of the season. It's not all doom and gloom at this place.
The enthusiasm and energy of the crowd when I visited here near the end of the season was excellent.
We've got to get a team together now, that can do this stadium proud. Then hopefully the people of Milton Keynes are going to get behind it and this could be a big one.
Can you keep all the players?
Martin: I will be discussing that with the Chairman over the next 48 hours but we will be making moves as quickly as possible. We can't waste opportunities - we've got to get in amongst it right now. There will be lots of phone calls taking place to see what's available in what areas.

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