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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Difference of a Decade: 1966/67....1976/77...and 1996/97

The Difference a Decade makes.

1966/1967: Forty Years ago, QPR were on the cusp of unimagined glory as the 1966/1967 Rodney Marsh season beckoned. For the next 21 months, QPR fans were living in a dream world: Division 3 Championship; League Cup Triumph...and then even more incredible...promotion to the FIRST DIVISION....
And the season began: August 20, 1966 - QPR 2-Shrewsbury 2. Les Allen & Marsh
(Springett, Watson, Hazell, Keen, Hunt, Sibley, Lazarus, Collins, Allen, Marsh, Morgan, R)

1976/1977 - Flash forward a decade: And QPR Fans were anticipating the 1976/77 season with a sense of a great sense of loss as the continuously relived one of the club's most tragic moments: The "loss" of the English Championship because Wolves "folded" to Liverpool in those final 20 minutes. (And of course harking back to what might have been, but for Norwich)...And QPR were swiftly made aware that the dream had passed them by when the new 1976/77 season began (August 21, 1976) with an unbelievable scoreline: QPR 0 Everton 4.
(Parkes, Clement, Gillard, Hollins, Mclintock, Masson, Leach, Busby, Bowles, Thomas - Shanks,

1996/1997 -Ten Years ago, we were fairly confidently looking forward to QPR's immediate return to the Premiership under Chris Wright and Ray Wilkins- With Gallen, Dichio, Sinclair, Quashie, Murray, Impey and a host of others..
And we opened, August 17, 1996) with a 2-1 win versus Oxford.
(See Photo: http://www.qpr-mad.co.uk/news/loadfeat.asp?cid=ED22&id=25072

Today? An ABC Loan...A massive debt and discontent...

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