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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Holloway Impact on Plymouth!


Plymouth's NICK Chadwick Speaking About the Impact of Ian Holloway

"....The arrival of Ian Holloway has seen a change in the style of play adopted by the Pilgrims, and Chadwick is hoping to score more goals as a consequence.
"The way we are starting to play will enable me to get in the box more," said Chadwick.
"It was a shift for me last year because, certainly from Christmas onwards, we tried to shore things up and play a little more defensively and be more compact, which included me getting more goal-side of the ball.
"I didn't mind doing it at all because that was what we needed as a team but I think Ollie is looking to play more attacking football and getting the forwards into the box and in more goal-scoring positions, and hopefully that will benefit me.
"I think Ollie wants us to pass it a bit more, although I'm not saying that he doesn't want us to get it forward quickly but maybe he wants us to play two or three more passes before getting it forward.
The Holloway approach is undoubtedly different to the Pulis ethos, but Chadwick feels there are advantages to both styles.
Another difference between the two managers is their attitude when it comes to dealing with the playing staff....
"I don't think there is a right or wrong way, but that is a little difference between the two managerial styles.
"I think Ollie might want to get a little bit closer to the players than Tony Pulis did and he is interacting with us a little bit more.
"Both men seem totally competent in what they are doing, and I'm sure it will be enjoyable working with Ollie.
"Everyone knows he is off his head really, singing Green Army all the time, but it does spread the feel-good factor as fans that have been to the first couple of games have already seen.
"He has been singing and dancing with supporters and it does spread enthusiasm and everyone is having a good laugh with him but he knows when to be serious as well, and he is passing on his experience and how he wants things to be done."...
"It is an important week for us and everybody wants to do well, and I think Ollie has been made up with how hard we have been working.
"Everyone wants give 100% and work hard because they know how vital it is for the club."
The intensity of the training sessions has been an overriding theme of the tour and, as Chadwick revealed, Holloway actively encourages the players to compete against each other.
This was perfectly exemplified by the young against old match, which the oldies won on penalties thanks to a brace from Chadwick.
"Ollie has said to us that in training you have to not like your opponent, even though he is a team-mate," said Chadwick.
"For that period you want to beat your man, and that is what it has been like.
"We (the oldies) got together at half-time and we were 2-0 down, so we had a word with each other and encouraged, and went out and won....
"I think Ollie likes to see a winner or a loser and it was his decision to have a penalty shoot-out.

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