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Friday, July 14, 2006

Simon Royce on his Injury Setback

For those wondering where Simon Royce was for the Aldershot game: An explanation. He's injured.


Pre-season has just begun for Rangers, but for Simon Royce he still can't wait to get cracking.
The Ranger number one suffered a set back ....Speaking to qpr.co.uk, Roycie explained how the setback occurred.
He said: "During the close season I started to do some running in the gym and I was fine. Then I stepped it up to do some running outside and started to feel a pain in my groin.
"I came in the day before we were all due back and Prav had a look at it and said that I'd re-inflamed the ligament that I'd damaged in February.
"So I went for an injection straight away, hoping that it would settle down quite quickly but it hasn't healed 100 per-cent yet, despite having gone for a second injection on Tuesday."
Having had the most aggressive cortisone he was allowed this week, Royce must now wait and see if he'll be fit to take part in any of the pre-season games before the big kick-off.
"That's the last injection I can have now as you're only allowed three a year and of course I had the initial one in February.
"It's now a case of making sure that the groin is fully healed as neither myself nor Prav want me to come back too early and risk damaging it.
"It's an impossible situation as I don't want to risk damaging it further, but equally I'd like to get some games under my belt before the season starts.
"Now with the signing of Paul Jones, competition for places is at its strongest. I wouldn't want to lose my place, bearing in mind how well Jonesy played when he came in last year."

Royce admitted he has been impressed with the training methods so far, but it's bitter sweet due to the fact he hasn't yet been able to get involved.
"The training this year has trained for the goalkeepers, it's more geared towards our specialised position rather than plodding round a field and doing a load of running.
"We're doing more short-sharp quick footwork which is more relative to the job in hand.
"Having seen that it makes me even more determined to get fit again so that I can join in.
"By Monday we should know if that last injection has worked and then we'll take it from there.
"If it has worked then we can start stepping up the training. At the moment I'm doing a lot of core stability work focussing on abdominals and my upper body strength."I've done a couple of session with Mark Barry, he's definitely 100 per-cent committed to getting the team fitter than they've ever been and the feedback from the lads is positive. http://www.qpr.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/NewsDetail/0,,10373~867669,00.html

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