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Monday, December 18, 2006

QPR Responding to Express Story "Are Rangers Going Bust?" saying "The article was misleading in many respects..."

On Saturday, the Daily Express published a story Daily Express article. That same day, tere was a response on fan messageboard by the Club's Legal Advisor, Nico De Marco saying the story was "rubbish." Today the Club issued an Official statement in response to the Daily Express article.

QPR Official Site:
Official Club statement by Antonio Caliendo and Gianni Paladini.

We owe it to QPR fans to respond to the allegations made in the Daily Express on Saturday in an article entitled "Are Rangers Going bust?"
The article was misleading in many respects and we can assure our many supporters that there is no possibility of QPR going bust whilst we remain on board.
We have seen too many attacks on QPR in the press that simply don't reflect the reality of today's situation. It seems there is always someone who wants to discredit our club.
Our goal remains the same as always: to take QPR to the highest position in English football. Despite injuries and recent results, we believe John Gregory will be able to take QPR back to the position it was in when he played for the Club.
We accept that talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. We will only ever prove our critics wrong by taking the Club forward, and we are 100 per-cent committed to continuing with that.
Finally, we would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of the staff and fans of QPR a very happy Christmas and a successful New Year.
Antonio Caliendo - Chairman of QPR Holdings
Gianni Paladini - Chairman of QPR FC QPR Official Site

Original Express story:
Daily Express article

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