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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ugo Ukah's Return to Loftus Road: The Specifics & The Broader Picture

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been some considerable debate on the QPR Messageboards (much of it initiated/instigated by this blogger) about reserve defender, Ugo Ukah's surprising reemergence at Loftus Road and suddenly in mid-November being given a squad number (#40). There were really two parts to the debate: What he was doing back at QPR after the club announced in May that he had joined an Italian club; and the fact that the club had offered no announcement about and provided no explation for Ukah's return. Explanations for how and why Ukah had returned were finally offered by those claiming to be in the know - although even now the club has not issued any official statement re this.

On today's QPR Rivals, Clive Whittingham writes about Ukah's return as part of a broader examination of the Club and its Official Site providing information about QPR developments. Whittingham notes no news about the sigining in the summer of youth/Reserve defender Taku Watanabe and the fact there was no news about QPR Reserve game (and loss) to a US group of players. ["QPR vs USA" can be read at:USA Over QPR

See Clive Whittingham/QPR Rivals "A tale of two left backs" Rivals

[For past re Ukah, see also Ukah

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