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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Birthdays of Several Ex-QPR Players


John O'Rourke, Turned 62: Born February 11, 1945...
Ex- Luton, Middlesbrough, Ipswich, Coventry, etc....
Signed by Gordon Jago in 1970 for a then record fee of 65,000 pounds as a prolific goalscorer (a few weeks after we also signed Terry Mancini to help our defense) to help us win promotion(after a competition with Millwall to sign him)
Unfortunately he didn't score that many. The following season, he scored a few, but we then signed Stan Bowles; O'Rourke was injured and then kept out by a forward line of Bowles, Givens and Thomas. And we sold him to Bournemouth for about 40,000.
We initially almost signed him from Middlesbrough in 1967/68 to bolster our push to the First Division. We couldnt agree terms, so O'Rourke joined Ipswich. And instead we signed Frank Clarke from Shrewsbury... (And a couple of years later, O'Rourke went to Coventry and Clarke had joined Ipswich from QPR!)

Mick McGovern - 56 - February 15, 1951
- At one time, a major QPR prospects, who didn't play too many QPR games. We sold him to Swindon and I believe he made his debut against QPR in 1971 or 1972 (QPR winning 5-0)

Ernie Howe - 54 - February 15, 1953
- Signed from Fulham for 50,000 by Frank Sibley, after we (foolishly) sold David Needham to the coming Champions, Nottingham Forrest for 140,000 pounds. (Needham has been Sexton's last signing six months earlier from Notts County, for 90,000 as a replacement for Frank McClintock)

Leighton James - 54 , February 16, 1953
Brilliant (at times) winger, signed by Frank Sibley, from Derby County in a straight swop for Don Masson...Another major part of the QPR 75/76 "Championship" Team, sold off. James basically came in a few months after Dave Thomas had been sold.

Paul Bruce - 29 February 18, 1978
- Part of QPR for several years, who never quite achieved it at QPR

Ian Dawes - 44 February 22, 1963
- For about five years, was an ever-present in the QPR team.

Andy Gray - 43 - February 22, 1964
Signed by Trevor Francis...Sold by Trevor Francis a few months later

Juergenn Sommer - - 43 February 22, 1964
-Our goalie, signed by Ray Wilkins for 600,000 pounds in our relegation season

Richard Teale - 55 , February 27, 1952
-Backup goalie, signed from non-league

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