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Monday, February 26, 2007

Kevin Gallen's Unhappiness with QPR Developments

[This appeared in Friday's Gazette but was only placed online today]

Kev's blast for the club he adores

QPR Exclusive by Yann Tear/Ealing Gazette - February 26

IT IS probably just as well for Rangers that Kevin Gallen is forced to sit out this weekend's clash against Plymouth at Loftus Road.

The man with blue and white hoops where his veins should be is so angered by the way the Rangers hierarchy treated him this season, he would surely have bagged a vengeful hat-trick for the Pilgrims.

He is also deeply disillusioned by what he sees as the rapid decline of the club since Ian Holloway was shown the door a year ago.

Gallen is on loan to the West Country club - reunited with Ian Holloway and loving it after helping his adopted club into the FA Cup quarter-finals with a penalty in a 2-0 win over Derby last Saturday.

It has softened the blow of a departure he never wanted and which appears terminal - Gallen admits he does not expect to play for Rangers ever again.

But the pain was still real in the midst of all the joy this week.

"Under the current regime at Rangers, I don't think I'll be coming back," Gallen told the Gazette in an exclusive interview on the eve of a match he must miss under the terms of his loan deal with Argyle.

"I was basically forced to leave Rangers. There was no other option.

"I only started two games up front for QPR this year and scored twice and then I got dropped the next game.

"It was disappointing that it had come to the stage where I thought if I don't go and play football elsewhere, my options would have been very limited to get a club next season.

"My contract's up at the end of this season and if you're not playing and in the shop window, noone's going to take you for a further season. I felt QPR weren't giving me that opportunity.

"I said things to the manager about how I felt and about the things going on behind the scenes but I can't talk about it now because I'm still a QPR player.

"There were things going on behind the scenes that in my opinion weren't right - maybe there were hidden agendas - and I just felt I wasn't getting the opportunity to earn a new contract at QPR.

"I don't know what I did wrong or who I upset down there but that's how I feel."

Gallen continued: "The things they put on the official website when I left gave no mention of how long I'd been at the club and it said I'd scored one goal this season, which wasn't true because I'd scored four.

"I've been a servant there for a long time and I feel I was not treated very nicely and that's how the club is at the moment.

"I could talk all day about it, but I'd get myself in trouble. That said, it's plain to see things aren't right down there.

"Two years ago we were getting average crowds of 15-16,000, now in some games you don't even see a sponsor in the sponsor's lounge.

"I'm really saddened rather than bitter about it because basically QPR's my club and I love the supporters."

The irony for Gallen is that he was dropped from QPR's FA Cup tie with Luton because, had he played, he would now be cup-tied and missing Argyle's great run and his first taste of a quarter-final since 1995 when Man United ended Rangers' interest.

"I got bombed out for the Luton game when we'd won the game before and I was sick to death of getting dropped every time after doing well," he said. "I just had to say 'Look, I can't take it any more.'

"I thought it was a lack of respect. "At the time, I was absolutely raging about it all but now I'm over the moon, of course.

"I'm in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup with a home tie to Watford to come with a decent chance of getting into the semi-final.

"It's a great turnaround. "It's also been great to see some old faces down here like Ian Holloway, Tim Breacker, Des Bulpin and Gary Penrice and I'm having a really good time down here.

"I'm not allowed to play this Saturday, but I'd love to have taken part just to say good-bye to the QPR fans because I never got the chance.

"Pretty much it looks like I've played my last game for Rangers though I'd like to think one day I'll be back at some stage - we'll have to wait and see. I miss the place."

Rangers may not have Gallen to worry about on the pitch but they can be sure former boss Ollie will be doing his best to mastermind their downfall from the sidelines.

And once again, Gallen does not pull his punches about the significance of that.

"I don't think QPR's been the same since Ollie left, " he said.

"We were very comfortable in mid-table last year with a chance of the play-offs and with decent crowds - now look what's happened. It's disappointing to see the way things are going.

"The way he left wasn't right and he feels the same. He's an honest bloke and I feel I'm an honest bloke.

"Not being treated right by a club I've given nearly all of my career to hurts and Ollie will have the same feelings.

"He worked as hard as anyone I've ever seen when he was at Rangers.

"I'm sure he'll get a great reception from the fans. He did nothing wrong at QPR and got us promoted and comfortable in the Championship and if they'd kept him and added a few players here and there, maybe we wouldn't be in the position we are in now.

"I'm sure he would like to put one over Rangers, not because of the crowd but because of the people in charge.

"He didn't want to leave QPR, he loved it at QPR at at one stage the place was bouncing again with him in charge. Now, it's gone backwards and I'm sad for the supporters who are the people who are going to have to drag it up again. Ealing Gazette

Also this "teaser" from last week Ealing Gazette

Gallen so disillusioned with RangersFeb 22 2007
Ex skipper pours heart out over the breakdown of his relationship with the club he loves By Yann Tear

PREPARE for a sensational insight into the thoughts of QPR hero Kevin Gallen.

The striker has spoken to the Gazette on the eve of what his likely to be a highly emotional clash between Rangers and Plymouth Argyle at Loftus Road.

Gallen is with Plymouth on loan until the end of the season, and although he will not play on Saturday under the terms of the deal that took him to Home Park, he will be on the sidelines.

And it should be quite a day for him and Ian Holloway - now boss of the Pilgrims, of course - as the pair return to the ground they know so well.

Gallen's love affair with the fans and club - which gave him a testimonial in 1995 in recognition of his loyal service - will never die. But he has strong words about the way he feels he has been treated this season and the way the club's fortunes have slipped. Gazette

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