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Monday, February 19, 2007

Kinnear for Gregory Story Reported in variety of papers including: Mail, Mirror, Sun, Star

The story about Joe Kinnear set to replac John Gregory is in various papers today including The Mail, Mirror, Sun and Daily Star.

So for a rumour, it's hitting all the tabloids. Interesting trying to fathom where some a rumour might come from and why it would be leaked.

Last week, there were a variety of rumours re QPR seeking Ian Dowie to replace Gregory (but being turned down by Dowie). At least Dowie would have seemed like a plausible replacement for Gregory, even if the actual axing of Gregory would not seem like a wise act. But Kinnear is a very different story.

Comilation of stories of Kinnear for Gregory - Kinnear for Gregory?

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