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Friday, February 16, 2007

QPR Life President Harold Winton Statement re QPR Developments

Statement from QPR Life President, Harold Winton

Q.P.R have always been regarded as a friendly family Club – Now we appear to have degenerated into a dysfunctional, discontented and despairing bunch.

As Life President, I am overwhelmed and ashamed that our once respected Club has become synonymous with violence, thuggery, threats, foul language and a constant sense of drifting out of control.

We appear to have abdicated the moral high ground on which the Club’s reputation was based.

Events that have overtaken Q.P.R are nearly always blamed on Gianni Paladini.
Personally, I have supported his successful efforts to raise finance that has ensured the Club’s survival. It also needs to be recognised that Antonio Caliendo (in particular) has been most generous in funding an always difficult financial situation.

The greatest loss has been the destruction of the true Q.P.R identity. At the time when the two English directors were removed from the Board I warned that this action could leave fans and shareholders feeling disenfranchised. Unfortunately, this has been proved to be true. There is a widening lack of understanding between the fans and management.

Loyal staff are removed on minor grounds without genuine regard for their service and enthusiasm. As a result, any attempt to deal with problems are often avoided by remaining senior staff members.

The Directors also appear to forget that 36% of the company is still owned by outside shareholders to whom they owe a duty of care and consideration

It is therefore time for the Board to accept that Q.P.R need to employ the services of an independent full-time Chief Executive and also an experienced finance director (on a full or part-time basis) whose integrity would be unquestioned.

The Board need to be advised at all times as to the true financial position and the essential role of dealing with debt management. Its time to end the plague of writs and judgements that are so costly not only in financial terms but also in regards to the Club’s reputation and credibility.

It is therefore my intention to ask for the support of shareholder’s and fans for the requisitioning of an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club’s shareholders in order that the following resolutions can be raised and clarified. This will benefit the Club, Board, Supporters Groups and all persons who wish to see the reputation of Q.P.R safeguarded.

The resolutions will be that the Board Of Q.P.R Holdings Limited will:-

1. Appoint an independent full-time Chief Executive.
2. An independent Finance Director.

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