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Thursday, February 08, 2007

QPR Supporters Call for February 24 Protest and Report Not Meeting With Chairman Paladini

The QPR LSA has announced that it will refuse to be part of a joint fans' groups meeting with the QPR Chairman, Gianni Paladini. According to a follow-up post the club has refused LSA requests to meet with the LSA alone -- even though that is something the club used to do regularly (several times a year). And the Club has met in recent months alone with another QPR group, QPR1st.
QPR LSA also called for a demonstration at QPR, February 24 to protest against the current Board: "We are organising a peaceful demonstration before and after the Plymouth game."


At the Committee meeting of the LSA it was unanimously agreed that the LSA decline a meeting involving all fans' groups with the Chairman on 13/02/07. This is not a snub to these groups, we will continue to work with them. Indeed we are running joint away coaches with Friends of QPR.

However we feel that a meeting at this stage with the Club Chairman is of little use. We have no confidence in how the club is being run. The club has been badly run by the past three Chairmen, and as a result we are in a very serious financial crisis. The way our youth policy is being undermined is also seriously worrying.

Our fan base is strong, but fans are not turning up, the decline is reminiscent of what happened to Fulham before Al Fayed took over. We feel that it is time for the current board to go. We are organising a peaceful demonstration before and after the Plymouth game.Before the game we will be leafleting fans afterwards we will hold a demonstration.

We urge that during the game you get behind the team, bring a friend lets pack Loftus Road. The LSA wants our beloved team to stay up. But something needs to be done to turn around the long decline of our club.

John Reid

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