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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ainsworth Writes about his Injury and on QPR's Survival

Gareth Ainsworth/Kilburn Times - April 10 - on the Gaz

OUR fans were magnificent over the Easter weekend - and I'll have to become one of them for the next few weeks after breaking my leg against Luton.

It's the smaller of the two bones in my leg, but I'm still going to be out for a few months and I'll have to concentrate on being back for the start of pre-season.

The guy just fell on me and I landed awkwardly, but when I got up to try and show Luton I wasn't hurt, there was a clicking in my leg and I said to a couple of the lads 'I think it's broken'.

When I sat down and the physio took my boot off, I realised that would be the end of my season.

Despite that, I'm ecstatic that the lads went on to beat Luton and I feel proud to have played a part in the run of games that have taken us close to ensuring our survival in the Championship.

We're not there yet - and I can assure you there won't be any celebrations until we are mathematically safe.

It was nice of Dexter to dedicate his goals to me and I'm so pleased that he looks like becoming the double-figure striker we've needed. Hopefully I can help inspire him to a few more goals in our remaining games.

And it was fantastic to see Furs get the winner - in just over one week he's gone from feeling as low as he possibly could to being on top of the world.

After the West Brom game, he came in with his head up but we all knew the penalty miss was ripping him apart inside. Yet there's not a single player in the dressing room who wouldn't have backed him to come back.

As a professional, Furs is awesome and I've no doubt that, when his career at QPR ends, he'll be remembered for many good things.

We took a good number of supporters to Coventry and I imagine there'll be a fair few heading up to Sunderland on Saturday as well.

On paper, it's our hardest game of the season and I'm sure the Sunderland fans will be expecting them to take a step closer to promotion.

It took a big man in Niall Quinn to recognise that he was a better chairman than manager and make way for Roy Keane

Keane was a terrific player, I don't think he's ever failed at anything he's tried and it's no surprise that he's turned Sunderland around.

But we're on a good run of form ourselves now and it'd be great to go to the Stadium of Light and create a shock. Kilburn Times

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