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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Couple of Ex-QPR Defenders' Birthdays

Two recent birthdays for two great ex-QPR Players: David Webb Turned 61! Paul Parker Turned 43.

David Webb - Born April 9, 1946

Signed by Gordon Jago in July 1974 (sold to QPR by Dave Sexton)

Played for QPR for 3 and a bit seasons, including our "Championship" Season when he and Frank McClintock made up our experienced central partnership...and then our European adventure which ended in a penalty shootout miss...

Frank Sibley sold Webb to Leicester City (managed by Frank McLintock) in September 1977 - Webb

Paul Parker - Born April 4, 1964

Signed from Fulham (along with Dean Coney) by Jim Smith (and David Bulstrode)in the summer of 1987.
Played for QPR and England until Manchester United "stole" him for two million pounds in the summer of 1991.

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