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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ex-QPR's Peter Crouch Explains Supported QPR NOT Chelsea!

Mark Platt 28 February 2006 Liverpoolfc.tv catch up with Peter Crouch to discuss life at Anfield on and off the pitch, those rumours about him becoming a nightclub DJ, his aspirations for the remainder of the season and much more.

...Unlike some players who join this club you have never claimed to be a Liverpool supporter but there is some confusion as to what club you followed as a boy. Can you clear this up?

My dad was a massive Chelsea fan and I used to go with him to Stamford Bridge quite regularly but my mates were all QPR fans and so I used to also go to some games at Loftus Road with them. I never really classed myself as a fan of either but since playing for QPR I'd say my allegiance is more towards them. They are the team whose results I look out for. I don't care for Chelsea anymore; there is no allegiance there whatsoever. In fact, seeing as they are our rivals now, I hope they lose every game!

Have you always been a striker and who would you say were your boyhood idols?

Yes, I've always played up front. When my dad took me to Chelsea I think Kerry Dixon was probably the one going forward and scoring all the goals so I'd say he was a hero of mine back then. There was also Roy Wegerle at QPR; he was a fantastic player in his day. Interview

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AnfieldRoad.com Crouch: He's big and he's definitely Red Written by Jim Boardman Friday, 13 April 2007

Liverpool striker Peter Crouch has confirmed that he is most certainly not a Chelsea fan, and never has been. And what’s more his dad has become a Red since Peter joined the five-times Champions of Europe.

It’s no secret that Crouch’s dad was a Chelsea fan as Crouch was growing up, and that he also became a season ticket holder there. But that support didn’t stick for Crouch junior, who was more interested in one of Chelsea’s London rivals, QPR. After the quarter-final on Wednesday Crouch was asked about his dad’s support of Chelsea but some interpretations the next day put Crouch down as a Chelsea fan himself, which he’s not exactly happy about: “I was stitched up a bit with that!” he said.

Not all football supporters follow in their father’s footsteps in terms of who they support, and that’s how it was for the Liverpool striker: “When I was younger my dad did take me to see Chelsea, but when I was with my mates I was more a QPR fan, so it's not like I was ever a big Chelsea supporter.” He also points out that watching Chelsea at the time was quite unlike watching them today in their era of big-money transfers under Roman Abromovich: “You've also got to remember the Chelsea back then was nothing like the Chelsea it is now,” he says, “I remember going along there when they were in the old Second Division.”

Regardless of who Crouch supported as a child, he says it’s very clear where his – and his father’s - loyalties are these days: “Put it this way, there's no question where my allegiance is now. I'm firmly in the red camp. The same applies to my dad. He's been travelling to our European games with Jamie Carragher's dad and his friends, so you don't have to worry who he'll want to win.” Of course Jamie Carragher wasn’t a Red growing up either, but he soon learned to support the right team. ...
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