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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Witney United Chairman Comments Re QPR

To state the obvious, QPR stated on their Official Site, April 12 that there was no game rescheduled and they had been in contact with Witney to ensure they knew this.

Witney United Chairman, Steve Lake Posting on the Witney United Messageboard, April 27

It would have been marvelous if anyone from QPR had ever rung, wrtten, faxed or text me - but no that kind of respect obviously does not exist. Yes Richard Hill did arrange this game - but many more people, well paced in the Club (I say it this way not to upset them) knew very well that this game was on.

As a non-league and league fan I can name many QPR players that came straight out of the non-league scene from around London (certainly two of their best known players came from that route via Watford) and so I would have thought that QPR would have a little more respect - one day I may actually get a 'Sorry' from the big boys of West London. Witney United Messageboard

And Updated Messages From Witney United Chairman - April 28, 2007

Re: QPR MATCH OFF!!! (SteveLake)
Can I just state that no official from QPR has ever contacted me with respect to this match - Shame on QPR for even stating so!....
Can I just state that NO COMMUNICATION FROM QPR HAS EVER BEEN RECEIVED BY MYSELF, THE CLUB OR ANTONE ELSE FROM QPR. Just a case of poor manners - not least to say a totaly fabrication. If 'Shelia' would like to conact me - along with the 'Ian' mentioned at the fans Forum then I would be happy to let them them know what damage they have do to this club.Witney United Messageboard

QPR Officially Announce Witney Friendly is Cancelled

The Club can confirm that our friendly fixture against Witney United has been cancelled.

R's Club Secretary Sheila Marson today (Tuesday) informed Witney Chairman Steve Lake that the match they had scheduled for Monday 30th April will not be going ahead. The match had been arranged with R's Assistant Manager Richard Hill, who has since been suspended by the Club in the wake of his involvement in a behind closed doors match in February.

At no stage was our Secretary made aware of this fixture and with QPR Reserves entertaining Crystal Palace in the Pontins Holidays Combination League at Harlington on the same day, it would have been impossible to field two teams on the same day, especially in the week leading up to the final League match of the season.

Chairman Gianni Paladini is hugely disappointed with remarks made not only against him, but the Club in general, as he too was also unaware of the fixture until he was notified at a recent Fans Consultative meeting QPR

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