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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1967 Hero, Tony Hazell Turns Sixty

Tony Hazell Turns 60. Born September 19, 1947, Defender: Full back and Centerback, Tony Hazell played 350+ League games for QPR from the mid-1960s until he was sold in December 1974 to Millwall. He was of course, one of the 1967 League Cup Final Team. Made his debut in 1964 and was an integral part of the 1966/67 and 1967/68 promotion teams and 1968/1969 relegation team. Also the 1972/73 promotion team. As I recall, he was picked once for the England U-23 squad, but didn't play. Hazell
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For what it's worth: From the Guardian - November 2006
Last week we delved into Stan Bowles's autobiography to discover that, apparently, he once booted a ball at the FA Cup trophy while it was being displayed pitchside at Sunderland during a game. But that's not the end of the story ...
Because reader Brian Halliday sent our article to a friend of his, one Gordon Jago MBE, the manager of QPR at the time of the incident, and who now resides in Dallas. Here's Gordon's view of the events: "The truth is that yes, the FA Cup was knocked off the table during the game against Sunderland, but not by Stan Bowles. It was Tony Hazell, the QPR defender.
"At some time during the game Tony cleared a ball and it knocked the cup flying. This incident really upset the home fans; so much so that the referee took both teams from the field to let tempers cool. The game was eventually restarted and we finished 3-0 winners. Stan had someone write a book for him and he tells the story about a bet and that he deliberately knocked the cup off the table. Fiction! I do not know if Tony or any of the other players have contacted Stan to correct him, but that story is typical of him and no doubt it helped to sell the book." Guardian

David Seaman: Also: ex-QPR and England (and Leeds...Peterbrough...Arsenal...) Goalkeeper David Seaman turns 44...Signed by QPR for 250,000 pounds from Birmingham in 1986, played for England while at QPR...Sold to Arsenal in 1990 for 1.3 million pounds. Seaman
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