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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ex-QPR Captain Kevin Gallen Responds to QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini

On September 13, the QPR fansite WeAreTheRangersBoys conducted and published a lengthy interview with QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini. During the interview, Paladini made some comments about Kevin Gallen. In response, Gallen made a statement which he requested be posted, September 14, on another fan site: The Independent Rs Forum.
[Both statements reposted with permission]


(Q) Why did joe Gallen get the sack after good work with the Youth Team?
(Answer) Nothing to do with me, I stand by all my managers and it was JG's decision...[Concerning]Gary Waddock...I admired what he done at reserve level and felt it was good to give him his chance, he would have done a lot better if he had got the help from senior players like Gallen and Bircham."

(Q) How do you feel when ex-players like Ferdinand and Gallen say this club would be better without you?
A: .... In regards to Gallen (included Bircham as well) I had a big argument with them after the home defeat against Wolves. They played c.rap. I told them they were thinking more about shopping at Harrods instead of playing football. I never reply to negative comments from those players anymore. I remember they would laugh and joke after we got beat and I didn't like that. But, i am learning myself, I dont' reply to them now..."Full Paladini Interview

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN GALLEN - (Posted on Indys Rs Site)

"I have asked Paul Finney to put the following message up on the Indy R's Website:- "I was shocked and upset in hearing that the Chairman gave an interview recently stating that I was laughing after we had lost a game.
Can I just say I am a life long fan of Queen's Park Rangers and always will be.
I will never forget how lucky I was to wear that shirt.
I just want the fans to know the truth and that is that I have never joked or laughed as a player or fan when the R’s have lost.
I would never disrespect the fans or Queen's Park Rangers FC by doing so.
Also,I had the honour of not only playing for my Club but also the honour of being the captain as well.
I have no wish to enter in a war of words with the Club Chairman but I just wanted the fans to know the truth that is all.
Kevin Gallen. IndyRs

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