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Saturday, September 22, 2007

John Curtis on Briatore's QPR Talk...Mark Bircham on QPR Takeover and John Gregory

John Curtis Icons Diary
The takeover of QPR football club has to be good news for everyone and we can now start to plan for the future knowing that we've got one.
Flavio Briatore came and spoke to us all the other day and I have to say that we were all very impressed by him. He's a tough character and made it clear how ambitious he was for the club.
He came in and said "I'm a winner and either you're winners too or you're not with me." He told us we were fortunate to have him because with him QPR was going places and that we could either join that journey or leave.
Basically he has succeeded in everything he has turned his hand to and he's not prepared to fail at anything – certainly not at running a football club. And we are committed to helping that success now.
The lads are really excited and want to be involved with what's happening here. This is a great club, with fantastic fans and it should be going places. We all believe we should be in the Premiership and now with what the new owners can bring that is possible.
I'm sure the fans are happy and relieved because they have suffered with all the uncertainties and now something concrete is happening and they don't have to worry about.
Of course it all has to start here and now on the pitch.....
But there is a new era beginning at the club and I'm sure we will all rise to the challenge and things will start picking up pretty soon. We know there is going to be money for new players, which we need. But we also know that means more competition and every player will be doing his best to prove he is worthy of a place.

Mark Bircham - Icons Diary - Desperate to be a part of it
"... I'm finally over all my injury problems and starting to feel really strong. I played the first 45 minutes for the reserves against Exeter on Wednesday and had no reaction at all. The following day I had a bit of pre-season stiffness but that's all.....
I came here because I believed that Yeovil had a real chance of going up into the Championship and after being here a short time I am even more convinced of that. ....

I was obviously interested in the news that QPR was being taken over by the Formula 1 guys and it all looks like a good deal for the club. Rangers have been the team I've supported all my life and I still care deeply about them.
It couldn't have got much worse than it was, so anyone coming in to save QPR was essential. The fact that these guys seem to want to put money in and build the club is just a bonus.
These are businessmen with credentials who are not fly-by-night merchants and it looks like they really do have the resources to buy players and take the club forward. It'll be interesting in January to see if they come up with the hard cash.
I think John Gregory has done a decent job there. He came in last year to keep the club up and succeeded in doing that. He's brought in his own players and there's hardly anyone from the Ian Holloway era who is still at the club. That is when you can start to judge a manager. Icons

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