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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Part II - QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini Interviewed

QPR Fan Pete interviewed QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini. The second part of the interview can be read at Pete's new WeAreTheRangersBoys website.

Part II

The Questions Asked in Part II of the Interview:

Q) Do you use email or go onto messageboards?

Q) How has the last 12-18 months been

Q) Chris Wright is still live president?

Q) Has the ABC loan been paid?

Q) Now you have done the deal, why don't you just leave?

Q) What is it like now, compared to before?

Q) How did you meet Flavio?, Who approached who?

Q) What about the £250,000 donated?

Q) When Did Antonio stop putting money in?

Q) But he lost more from the deal then you?

Q) What About the Statement Not For Sale, on the day of the Leyton Orient game, How did you convince him to change his mind?

Q) Had you agreed with Flavio beforehand?

For Answers to the Questions! -
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