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Friday, December 28, 2007

Ex-QPR (and Arsenal's) Frank McLintock Turns 68

Frank McLintock, one of QPR's 1975/76 "Championship" heroes, celebrates his 68th Birthday today. Born December 28th 1939.

Released by Arsenal at age 33 (who preferred Jeff Blockley and later Terry Mancini!), the ex-Arsenal captain who led Arsenal to the 1971 "Double" and won the "Player of the Year," was signed by Gordon Jago after our promotion back to Division One. In four seasons in the First Division, McLintock played 120+ games, scoring 5 goals and formed an elderly, but brilliant, defensive central pairing alongside David Webb. He was a major reason why QPR stabilized in the First Division and why they (so very, very nearly) won the Championship. After retiring in the summer of 1977, McLintock became manager of Leicester and a coach at a couple of clubs, including briefly at QPR. And QPR, at least partly because they no longer had Mclintock, were relegated a couple of seasons later.

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Dave Webb Talking about McClintock QPR Official Site
"...It was probably the best team I ever played in. We were really ahead of the times with our passing football. Gordon Jago had a part to play in that. Then Dave Sexton took over, changed things slightly and gelled it all together.
"They were fun days and we had great flair players. Stan Bowles up front; Gerry Francis in the middle; and Dave Thomas wide. We constantly played the ball out from the back, which was very unusual in those days.
"My centre-back partner Frank McLintock was always better at that than me, so we tried to make sure he was the spare man. But the full-backs, Dave Clement and Ian Gillard, were also extremely comfortable on the ball so we could build our moves up from defence. .."
"In saying that, my main role was as a defender. Some people used to say that Frank McLintock and I were a bit too old. He was 37 and I was 30, so the pundits felt we were slow and we couldn't turn.
"But we used to out-cute opposing strikers. We used a lot of know-how between the two of us and I recall that Rangers only conceded 33 goals in the League in 1975/76.
"I used to have little laughs out on the pitch with Frank - a sort of a nod and a wink to each other, because we did things as a pair that were almost sixth sense and like a married couple!
"You might have left your partner in a position that people would think was vulnerable as a defender, but we both instinctively knew exactly how the other one wanted to play and what we wanted to do in matches. So we had total respect and trust in each other and it worked a treat." QPR

Don Givens on McLintock (QPRNet Interview)
"...We had someone in Frank McLintock who was a marvellous influence on the team, he’d come from Arsenal where things were done at a different level and he tried to introduce those things to QPR and help make it better for us. He didn’t always succeed on the club side of things but he did help the team. He was probably the most influential player I’ve ever lined up with." QPRNet

McLintock's autobiography, True Grit
"Synopsis - Frank McLintock was a leading players of his generation and is acclaimed as one of the Arsenal's greatest captains. After transferring from Leicester, in 1970 he led Arsenal to a famous victory in the Fairs Cup and followed this up with even greater glory a year later, winning an historic league and FA Cup double. He left Arsenal in 1973 after being controversially dropped, and enjoyed four successful years at QPR. He retired from playing in 1977, to make an ill-conceived and hasty move into management. Following this difficult period he entered the often shady world of agents, and faced perhaps his worst moment in the game, becoming involved in the infamous bungs scandal over Teddy Sherringham's transfer from Forest to Spurs. Frank continues to retain a high profile in the game, appearing weekly as a Sky pundit. His is a captivating football story spanning 45 years during which he achieved fabulous success and faced shattering lows, all told with enthusiasm, humour, honesty and intense passion."

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