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Monday, January 14, 2008

De Canio Explains Process QPR Signs Players

Ealing Gazette/Yann Tear -
Luigi admits he knows little about his new recruits

LUIGI De Canio admits he is totally guided by his advisors when it comes to new signings, writes Yann Tear.
Rangers have recruited seven new players since the turn of the year so far, but none have been identified by the head coach.
"We work as a group. As I'm still not very familiar with English football, I have to trust people who are close to us and I send scouts to see as many games and as players as possible," he said.
"I basically gave instructions about several positions we needed and those players came on the recommendations of my assistants.
"There were more than just these players who we looked at but in the end decided not to get but we have done a lot of work over the past two months. There will possibly be more to come..." Ealing Gazette

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