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Sunday, March 30, 2008

QPR's Championship Finishes Over the Past Decade: QPR Set to Better Last Season

With five games remaining, QPR now have 53 points from 41 games. (8 points above a relegation spot). Current Table. This is the same number of points QPR finished with last season (when they took 7 points from their last 5 games in a season which began with Waddock and ended with Gregory). After 41 games last season, QPR had 46 points.

In the season before, 2005-2006 (the season Holloway started in charge; and Waddock finished in charge) QPR ended the season with 50 points.
And in QPR's first season back in the Championship, QPR got 62 points (a total QPR are unlikely to achieve this year, but hopefully will come close to) - and next season, G-d willing will surge past well before Easter! In their more than a decade since their Premiership relegation (three seasons of which, of course, were spent in an even lower division)QPR have yet to get more than 66 points in this Division.

Previous Seasons Finishes in this Division: [In 2000/2001, QPR's relegation season, QPR went down with 40 points. The season before, 1999-2000, under Gerry Francis, the team had gotten 66 points 1998/1999, saw Francis replace Ray Harford and stay up with 47 points. The season before that, 1997/1998 - a decade ago, in a season which saw Houston start and Harford finish, QPR again just stayed up with 49 points. Finally, QPR's first season after relegation (Wilkins starting; Houston finishing) 1996-1997, QPR finished with 66 points.

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