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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Snippet - Briatore re QPR and Formula 1 Racing

From Formula 1 Q& A with Flavio Briatore

"...Q: Your life seems pretty hectic at the moment, with your time divided between Renault, Queens Park Rangers (QPR) football club, and the Billionaire fashion brand. What’s your secret for managing your time so effectively?
FB: There’s no secret at all. Formula One takes 90 percent of my time. I am not the coach of QPR, I am not the director of QPR, I am not the manager of Billionaire. I have my people - and they all do great jobs..."
Q: Your contract with Renault concludes at the end of the year. Will you stay in Formula One racing?
FB: I don’t waste a thought on it now. I want to see how the season unfolds. I am not looking for a new job - I am happy with the one that I have. The fire of enthusiasm for Formula One is still burning - sometimes stronger, sometimes on a half flame but always burning.
Q: Why a football team? Why not your own Formula One team?
FB: No, that was never an option. I have done F1 teams in the past with Ligier, with Minardi, with Benetton and now with Renault. I am not looking for another challenge in F1. I have done my time with teams.

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